About Us

Our Company

ArteNostro is a family-owned company that provides carefully selected, high-quality cutlery, flatware and sports knives that combine style and design with high performance and durability

We carry a vast array of sporting knives for campers, hunters, fishing, survival, rescue, law enforcement and others, as well as knife collectors who appreciate exceptional materials and craftsmanship.

In our site www.topknifedepot.com we also sell kitchen products intended for chefs, professional cooks, culinary art students, serious home cooks, butcher shops, caterers, gourmet food preparation and specialty stores.

Our catalog includes products from European and Asian countries that have a long manufacturing tradition in the knife industry, like Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Japan, and China, among others.

A selection of exclusive, hand-made artisanal knives are available for collectors that value quality and originality.

Our Team

We are a group of enthusiasts that enjoy cooking, sports and travel.  We are also quite passionate about exceptional knives design and their uses.  Some of our team members also speak Spanish and Portuguese, so please feel free to e-mail us in any of those languages.


Beyond regulatory compliance, we make a serious effort to guarantee that none of our products are potentially harmful to the environment, or human health.  None of the materials used in the manufacturing process come from protected species, and all products have been created respecting human rights and child labor laws.